Business card etiquette in Japan

Do you know how to exchange business cards in Japan??

You need to put priority for senior person and your client in any situation. And must receive it with both hands. If you receive it with one hand i.e. impolite… Also you need to ensure the card is turned towards the receiver when you give it and keep received cards on display for the duration of the meeting.

The exchange of business cards is a formal self introduction with the aim of remembering the other person’s name and role to aid future correspondence.

And is based on respect for order and rank, which means there is a hierarchal order to follow that governs business card exchange. Knowing this order can keep you from finding yourself in an embarrassing situation, and prevent an important business arrangement from going sour.

While one person may be the main conductor of a meeting, this doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is the highest-ranking official in the room. When meeting in a group setting, those in higher-ranking positions should be the first to exchange their business cards, working their way down in rank to the lowest position.

In addition, business card itself is a significant symbol of respect in Japan. If you try to introduce yourself without business card in business occasion, you will certainly loose your reputation. You have to build your knowledge in terms of everything in business including Business Card etiquette Japan. It is one of the most important part of japan business etiquette.

Business Card etiquette Japan is another point to follow about under the process of business culture. The exchange of business card is considered to be the introduced greetings in the first sight, as the western people do handshakes. You have to maintain the japan culture in business.

You don’t need to be awkward or embarrassing to maintain the rules that Japanese prefers.  You have to show care and respect for your successful international trade business and relationship. In Japanese business meetings, business card is very important.